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Dormer Loft Conversion Overview

A dormer attic extension is the least costly way to utilize your roof’s space. Any property with a pitched roof can accommodate a dormer extension.

Dormer roof refurbishments are Wimbledon’s favoured attic extensions. They can become a practical room in most Wimbledon homes.

What is a dormer attic extension?

A dormer attic extension is a quirky, boxy edifice. It expands the usable space in your roof and transforms it into a stunning room. Put simply; a dormer is a cube shaped structure incorporated into your existing roof.

  • A dormer has 100% straight walls and a flat roof.
  • A dormer increases useable space in your attic to the maximum amount possible. It grants gives full headroom.
  • A dormer often morphs into your home’s biggest room.
  • A dormer is not the most glamorous type of loft extension but is exceptional value for money.
  • Dormer windows soften the look and are available to match existing windows.
  • Construction of a dormer is quicker than other types of attic extensions.
  • Less structural changes to your home.
  • Planning permission is not required for most dormer conversions.

Is a dormer roof refurbishment right for your home?

Most properties including; Victorian, Edwardian and Georgian can accommodate a dormer attic extension.

There are a variety of dormer attic styles. This means that there’s bound to be one that is perfect for your home.

Why householders choose a dormer

  • Pocket friendly
  • Suited to most types of home
  • Choice of shapes and styles
  • Practical
  • Planning permission not needed
  • No slopes or slants
  • Bright and spacious
  • Ideal for small loft areas
  • Quickly completed
  • Not as much construction work
  • Maximum head height possible

How can you use a dormer?

High property prices mean that many kids can’t afford a place of their own. Ageing parents are increasingly moving in too. This means that more and more London homes are housing multiple generations.

A dormer attic extension gives you the space to accommodate your loved ones whilst saving your sanity.

  • Additional bedrooms plus an extra bathroom
  • Ensuite master bedroom
  • Home theatre
  • Games room
  • Office
  • Fitness suite with gym
  • Bedsit

Dormer Loft Conversion is a savvy investment for your home

You make a savvy investment in your house by adding a dormer loft extension. An attic refurbishment is the best home improvement you can make to add value to your property. Your home’s value increases by a not to be sniffed at 20%.

Want some instant return on your investment?

How about renting out your additional space? More and more home owners are advertising their spare rooms on airbnb and cashing in on the tennis. A small flat in your attic can increase your monthly income by around £1000 in rent.

A dormer attic extension is an asset to any home. You get oodles of practical new space without breaking the bank.

Dormer Attic Extensions are covered by our 10 year warranty

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