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Mansard Loft Conversions Overview

We have been constructing mansard roof extensions for over 20 years. We are the local experts in this highly specialized type of attic extension. Our expertise means that you gain an expanse of bright living space from the neglected area under your rafters.

Our mansard roof extensions perfectly merge into London’s architecture. We are committed to preserving the quintessential character.

What is a mansard attic extension?

A mansard is the top of the range attic extension. It gives your home a completely new top floor, not just a bit of extra space.

A mansard is the stylish way to move up. The Western tree lined roads and bourgeois Parisian boulevards are where you are most likely to spot a mansard extension. A mansard complements a home by looking like it was part of the original building.

A mansard roof refurbishment gives you the greatest capacity of functional floor area. You gain a plethora of headroom in a space with no awkward nooks. Dormer windows which perfectly match your existing windows can be installed in a mansard.

Construction of a mansard extension involves one (sometimes two) of your roofs surfaces being changed. A completely new shell is constructed. The new construction has a flat roof and near vertical walls. Local authorities class walls that slant at 72 as a roof surface rather than a wall. For this reason the walls of a mansard have a modest incline.

A mansard is the elite roof refurbishment. The perfect extension for prestigious local properties; without sacrificing any garden space. A fair bit of construction work goes into a mansard. It is not the budget option. You will need planning permission but obtaining this is all part of our service.

Is a mansard extension right for your Home?

Yes – If you want a whole new top floor

Yes – for gaining the most possible living space from your roof

Yes – If you don’t want the appearance or feel of an attic

Yes – For a finish that perfectly matches your house

Yes—If you want the freedom to furnish to your taste

Why householders choose a mansard

Most properties can gain an extra floor through a mansard roof extension; Victorian terraced houses, Edwardian semis, Georgian detached properties and most bungalows.

How can you utilize your mansard attic extension?

Let your imagination go wild. A mansard gives you the space to turn lofty ideas into real rooms.

  • Extra bedrooms
  • Home cinema and chill out zone
  • Family lounge
  • Sumptuous spa bathroom

A mansard gives you a whole new top floor. This means you can create a self contained flat for; aging parents, kids that won’t move out or tenants who will pay around £1000 a month for a flat in the area.

Our company has the expertise to create your perfect mansard roof extension. We tailor your mansard roof extension to meet your family’s needs.

We are passionate about preserving the city’s quintessential character.

Mansard right for you? Call us on 020 3974 2341 to book your free consultation. Looking for a different conversion? View other options here

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