loft conversion process

Step By Step Loft Conversion Process

Our company has perfected the loft conversion process. 21 years of successfully transforming attics means our process is second nature.

By adhering to our effective process; we maintain our high standards. Your roof extension is completed as quickly and smoothly as possible.

There are three main types of attic extensions; dormer, hip-to-gable and mansard. Our process is basically the same for all roof refurbishments.

The benefits our process gives you:

  • Fast completion
  • Quick approval of plans
  • No delays and mistakes
  • Constructed to high standards

Free Consultation

We inspect your roof and attic space at a time that suits you. You explain your vision. Together we come up with the perfect solution for gaining extra space which fully meets your needs.

We prepare a full written estimate and a transparent contract. This means no hidden extras or nasty shocks.

Our attic extension process in a nutshell

Our architect prepares the plans and technical drawings for your roof refurbishment. We submit these plans to the local council. We quickly obtain approval for commencing work on your attic extension. We get party wall agreements signed by your adjoining neighbours too.

  1. We agree a start date that is convenient for you.
  2. Scaffolding is erected.
  3. Materials arrive.
  4. We make a small opening in your roof. This opening lets us do most of our work from the outside.
  5. Steel beams necessary for supporting your new structure are erected
  6. A new floor joist is fitted in your roof space
  7. Under floor wiring and pipes are laid.

First building Inspection

  1. After the first inspection the shell of the new structure is formed.
  2. Your flooring is installed.
  3. All necessary alterations to your roof are made. Your new structure is weather proofed. Any required roof tiling is done.
  4. Brand new internal walls are erected
  5. Plumbing work including the laying of pipes gets underway. A qualified electrician installs the wiring for your lights and electrical sockets
  6. Your new structure is properly insulated.
  7. Windows are installed in your new room.

Second building Inspection

  1. Access for your new stairwell is carved out.
  2. Your new staircase is installed
  3. New rooms along with the Stairwell are lined with plaster board
  4. Radiators and Sanitary ware are installed by a professional plumber
  5. A qualified electrician puts up light switches, plug sockets and smoke detectors
  6. Your new structure is plastered
  7. A skilled carpenter fits doors, door frames and any other wooden fixtures
  8. The guttering around your roof is checked
  9. Your new structure is made fully fireproof
  10. Your Loft conversion is now finished

Final building Inspection

The building inspector will make his last visit. Once he has completed this final inspection he will issue you with a Certificate of Completion. This is proof that your attic extension meets all regulations and safety standards. A Part P Certificate will also be issued. This guarantees the safety of the electrical work in your attic extension.

We give you a full 10 year guarantee

Want to take the next step? Call us on 020 3974 2341 to book your free consultation or view our homepage for more options.

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